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What we love doing.

At BASE Ltd our goal is to provide quality results and exceptional service at a competitive price.

Sound, Stage and Lighting Production

Our services range from concert sound systems with complete staging and lighting - to smaller, more intimate sound, stage and/or lighting - to individual equipment rental.

Planning and Creative Direction

We believe communication is an essential component to the successful planning and outcome of any event.

The active communication we have with our clients enables us to openly work with them before, during and after an event with close attention to detail.

Professional Engineering Services

Our engineers and technicians are equipped with in-depth knowledge and years of experience.

The can-do, perfectionist attitude we possess ensures that all intended experience your event to its fullest.

What our Clients say.

About Us.

When we set out, we had a single goal in mind. To provide a top quality experience and exceptional service, setting the bar for concerts and events.

Today, that original goal remains our core focus. And we've expanded to include complete event logistics, sound, staging, back-line, and creative lighting solutions offering the same exceptional service throughout.

Joel Bair

Founder & Lead Systems Tech

A born technologist and natural leader, Joel has been immersed in the tech field since his youth building transistor amplifiers with his father and toying with op-amps. With a solid background in electrical engineering and electronics, as well as passion for perfection, he's a key player at every event.

Joceline Wojt

Founder & Sales Director

A passionate event planner and coordinator, Joceline has spent years managing the ground work for great events. Her deep industry connections and attention to detail are invaluable during the pre- and post-event phase.

Getting in touch.

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